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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a privacy policy? Any information you share with GooDogBones is strictly used in house. I will not knowingly share, sell or compromise any information at all, ever and that's my promise to you.

How much is shipping? Shipping starts at $7.00 for priority mail and is determined by the dollar amount of your purchase. Anything from $50 and up gets free shipping! We are not responsible for shipper time lines.

What's your return policy? Please email me with your return request.

Do you take checks? Yes, however your order won't be shipped until the check clears the bank. When you stop by any of the venues I attend I'm happy to accept a check as payment.

Can I eat these treats? Since GooDogBones only uses fresh ingredients without preservatives I suppose you could, especially if you were stranded on a desert island or lost for a long time on a freeway somewhere in a major city or town or lost hiking in the deep forest regions of the Cascade mountains. Now those are scary thoughts!

Do you really contribute a portion of your sales to a community food bank? Absolutely, wouldn't have it any other way. We contribute 10% plus volunteer on a regular basis. Many folks are not nearly as fortunate as others, giving back with my time, energy and dollars makes the world at large a much better place.

How can I purchase name bones? Please call or e mail me with your request. These bones are made in special batches. Base price is $6.00 per pack of 8 in small size of plaque buster flavor. You can special order other sizes or flavors of name bones at an additional cost.


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